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Face The Challenge - About the Author

H. Garrett Hayward is a graduate of Michigan State University, earning a BA in Hotel, Restaurant Management (1969) and a MBA in Finance (1970).  He is also a graduate of Suffolk University Law School (1981) and a member of the Bar of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Mr. Hayward has held mid-level management positions in several large corporations and has been the senior operations officer of several small corporations and startups, in addition to providing consulting services to numerous small businesses.
Face The Challenge is the product of his leadership experience, the training and development of thousands of subordinates, and his association with hundreds of supervisors, senior managers, and business owners.  The author's motivation for writing Face The Challenge was founded on his own needs as a young supervisor in developing his leadership skills and understanding human motivation.
Mr. Hayward has worked throughout the United States and currently resides in New York.  Known for his dynamic speaking style and riveting presentations, he is available for consulting, seminars, coaching and training.
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